Herbin fountain pen ink - Monarch range


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from Herbin of France

bottled fountain pen ink

• glass bottle with wax covered lid

• 50ml

• water based

• dye colourants

The Monarch inks celebrate the lives of famous French kings and queens.

• • •

Francois 1st - Rouge Salamandre

Francois 1st, who won the battle of Marignan in 1515, was the king of France from 1515 - 1547. Much influenced by time spent in Italy, this refined monarch introduced the Renaissance to France thanks to artrists such as Leonardo da Vinci. He built, among others, the castle of Chambord.

His emblem was the salamander, which according to legend has the power to command fire, hence the red background of the famous portrait of him by Jean Glouet (1530). The salamander is featured in red wax on the lid.

• • •

Napoleon - Vert Empire

Napoleon was crowned Emperor of the French on December 2, 1804 in Notre-Dame in Paris.

The colour green, his favourite colour and the colour of the famous cavalry uniform of the Imperial Guard he loved to wear is often associated with the Empire.

His N monogram is featured in green wax on the lid.

• • •

Louis XIV - Eclat de Saphir

Louis XIV, the Sun King, was King of France from 1643 - 1715. His reign of 72 years was one of the longest in the history of Europe.

Blue was an emblematic colour of the Capetin dynasty and featured in the coronation coat of Louis XIV.  

His monogram is featured in blue wax on the lid.

• • •

Marie Antoinette - Rose Cyclamen

Marie Antoinette (1755-1793) the last queen of France, harbored a true passion for writing. Unlike the queens who preceded her, she maintained a rich and vast correspondence. She wrote hundreds of letters, many secretly sent to her Austrian family and the Count Fersen, who planned the flight to Varennes. These writings revealed the Queen's fine mind and her political ideas. All her life she sought ways to save the monarchy.

Her monogram is featured in pink wax on the lid.

• • •

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